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May 5, 2003, by Alexei G.
Please note that this page (as well as much of DVCentral) is really old news.  Since this page was first published (OMG, was it in 1997?), Fast Multimedia got acquired by Pinnacle Systems, and to my knowledge, DVMaster is no longer supported.  For any information about DVMaster and DVMaster Pro, please visit the links below.

Fast DV Master

DV Master

Fast DV-Master offers full device control capabilities over 1394, can take DV, S-Video and composite IN, and output DV, Composite, S-Video and YUV (component).  Drivers are available for Windows 9x and NT.  According to Fast, DV Master software provides full DVCam support and transparent DV audio support.

Available in two versions:

  • "DV Master", bundled with Ulead Media Studio Pro v.5.  List price: $3295
  • "DV Master Pro", with in:sync Speed Razor DV.  List price: $4295.

Fast Links

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