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Zane Rutledge, 668
Bill Crow, American Interactive Pictures
David Mowbray, Baobab Productions
Bill Stewart  of  Bardo Rodeo
Gary Rice of Bleu Rose Ltd.
Jan Piros of Canopus Corp.
Tez Sykes of Celtic Images
Bob Lamm, CYNC Corp.
Digital Media Workshop
Steve Mullen - Digital Video Consulting
Gary Bettan - Electronic Mailbox
Erik Staats, Firefly Inc.
Craig McLeod, Focus Films
KnowledgePath Video
Robert Lindqvist, Lindqvist Radio TV
Tom Gregory, Mayte Mouse Productions
David Simpson, The Mining Company
Michel Rempenaux, Mireade
Arnold Goldman - The Monster Makers
Michael Tucker of nomad.germany
Les Howarth of Real-Time Images
Chuck Littman, SuperVideo
Swimming Dog Video Productions
Darrel Goheen, Total Video
Kevin Zanjani, TPRP
Tobe Carey, Willow Mixed Media
Keith Johnson of Xentrik Films

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Many of the 3000+ subscribers to the DV-L discussion list have their own websites.  If you haven't subscribed yet, go here.  If you have, and maintain a website, we'll then gladly link to your site. Doesn't matter whether it's video or vanity, Firewire or watersports, commercial or NGO - anything goes!  The only thing that matters is that the site owner/maintainer is subscribed to DV-L.   To be included, please send URL, banner if available (not larger than the standard 468x60, and please, no animated gifs, the whole page would animate ...), and your name as it appears on DV-L, to us.  All we want in return is a courtesy link back to

Regretfully, DVCentral does not accept member links and banners at the moment.

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Check out what DV-L correspondents are up to when they are not corresponding with other DV-L members!

To visit the site, click on the logo, to send mail, click on the name.  We tried to sort everybody alphabetically, and if we didn't do a good job, let us know.

Zane Rutledge is Director - Producer - Cinematographer - 3D Animator - After Effects Artist - Visual Effects Director - Web Creative - Multimedia Designer - Technical Consultant - Writer - Actor (and probably part-time handyman and receptionist) at 668.  Check out their website and be amazed. Take me to the top

Bill Crow of American Interactive Pictures.   They make videos, interactive CDs and sometimes have used gear to sell. Thanks for the link back to us!  Take me to the top

David Mowbray of Baobab Productions Inc., Ottawa, Canada, says they "shoot around the world in DV (VX-1000, PC7), primarily making documentary and educational videos about sustainable development issues."  Hey! DV is good for the environment! Looking forward to our link :)  Take me to the top

Bill Stewart  of  Bardo Rodeo.  I said "no animated GIFs" - darn it! If you don't give me an inert banner, we'll come to your place and point the bar to true north! And about that link back to us...  I know, too much beer, too many black-outs. Or maybe I just couldn't find it in the crowded bar.   Take me to the top

Gary Rice of Bleu Rose Ltd. is  "formally announcing our intention to offer a consumer-grade DV/FireWire Video Editor to the Mac market next year. Our web site has details (along with other products that we CURRENTLY offer)."  Take me to the top

Link to DVREX-M1 on Canopus Site

Jan Piros of Canopus Corp. is a DV-L member.  "Canopus Corporation was founded in 1995 to create high performance graphics and video solutions for the worldwide PC market."  Their product of special interest to DV-L community is DVRex-M1, a "Professional-Quality Video Editing" solution with hardware DV Codec and a break-out box.  "The DVRex editing system combines high quality DV video with multi-channel audio creating a new dimension of digital video production.", says their web site.  Watch for more information on the DV-Rex on DV Central.   Take me to the top  ...Oh, and where is the DV Central link on Canopus site?

Tez Sykes of Celtic Images describes his company as "an Irish community-based video production team, based in the North-West of England.   We are a non-profit making organization that aims to promote Irish culture and peace through video."  Take me to the top

Bob Lamm sells all kinds of video related stuff in Brookline, Mass, through his CYNC Corp. and he's a all around great guy. Logo pending, because his site is devoted to the furtherance of ASCII.   Take me to the top


Digital Media Workshop manned by Michael, strives to be the "Personal Buying Source" with "hardware and software as wholesale cost".  The web site features "Professional Video Editing Systems", overview of DV editing, and some links that look very familiar, almost like they were taken off DV Central...  Well, copying is the highest form of flattery, and boy are we flattered.  Thank you for the link back, Michael!  Take me to the top

Be nice to Steve Mullen if you sell any video editing hardware or software, because he's a Contributing Editor for Video Systems magazine and a contributor to millimeter magazine.  He also does seminars and consulting.  At his website, "you will find in-depth, no hype information on current digital video products."  Take me to the top

Gary Bettan is ... well, the picture sez it all.  Take me to the top

Richard Lin of ESP Video Design. Great job, Richard! Thanks for the link back to us!  Take me to the top

Erik Staats works for Firefly Inc., the company founded by the folks who invented Firewire while at Apple Computer. Firefly's products and services include 1394 TNF software libraries and silicon technology, and the 1394 Product Certification Program.   Take me to the top

Craig McLeod makes his homepage at Focus Films,  "Purveyors of Fine Videos to the Gentry." Focus Film is based in Singapore and they have produced a wide range of films and videos for corporate and agency clients, including TV commercials, documentaries and TV programs.   Take me to the top

KnowledgePath Video

KnowledgePath Video makes tapes.  Doesn't everybody?   Well, their tapes are a path to knowledge if you want to quickly and efficiently learn how to professionally use Adobe™ Premiere®, operate a VX-1000, or advanced editing on FAST™ Video Machine®, or how to achieve broadcast quality with a Hi-8 equipment, and more.  Check out their web site or write to Take me to the top

Robert Lindqvist from Sweden. Purveyor of DV-related stuff. Also makes educational, industrial and documentary productions. Dessa sidor uppdateras ständigt så återkom snart igen. Any questions? Thanks for the link back to us!  Take me to the top

Tom Gregory  a.k.a. tomgtv cautions: "This is the web operations site for Mayte Mouse Productions.  We use it as a test site, playing around with some sites before they go to customers."  Visit them and watch the mice roar.  Thanks for the link!  Take me to the top

David Simpson mines the web for video related stuff for The Mining Company. If you  put your ear on your modem, you'll hear him dig, late at night. Thanks for the link!  Take me to the top

Michel Rempenaux is a cinematographer, director, producer, and a wearer of many other hats.  Mireade is the name of his film company.  Together with his friends, he does Le Repaire De la Vidéo Numérique, and maintains a web site for French speaking DV-centric people. ATTENTION Site FRANCOPHONE (pour les frappés du DV.)  Take me to the top

Arnold Goldman makes fine monsters.  Take me to the top

Dick Walton's home page for Natural History Services is devoted to birds, butterflies, dragonflies and all things natural. Go there to monitor the monarchs, and to stalk the common dragonfly.   Take me to the top

Michael Tucker  has been (dis)located to "Potsdam, Germany, where my company, nomad.germany, is producing a "digital film" for DVD distribution titled "The Last Cowboy".  Our intention with this project is to be all digital, so we have wrangled up a stable of sponsors who support the idea including Daystar, Sony, ElectricImage and Illuminaire."  Take me to the top

Les Howarth of Real-Time Images out of the UK does, well, something along the lines of video and music. Follow the link and try figuring it out.   Take me to the top

Chuck (a.k.a. Chuckmeister) Littman deadheads the world with his wife Nancy's UA credentials and reports on digital video at his wild and whacky SuperVideo website. Required reading if you want to know what's around the bend.  Take me to the top

Swimming Dog Video Productions
Swimming Dog Video Productions (SdogV) makes short productions on various swim and other (We wag tales!) events.  We presently are working on a contrast of solo (e.g., English Channel) with pro (e.g. Traversee Lac St. Jean) marathon swimming in a genuine long production. Take me to the top

Darrel Goheen started out as  "Precious Memories Video" in Hays, Kansas. As the name implies, they did weddings (and maybe the occasional bar mitzvah). When business expanded into commercial and industrial video production market, they named their company Total Video. Darrel also shoots local news for Cable 14.  Take me to the top

Kevin Zanjani maintains (caution, tonguebreaker ahead) the "Television Production Reference Page. The primary mission of this site is to provide reference information to videographers regarding the exciting and fast-paced field of television production."  Take me to the top

Tobe Carey says: "Willow Mixed Media is a not for profit arts group producing video documentaries and art projects.  We are currently shooting in DV format with a VX-1000 for a documentary on PCBs and The Hudson River." Sounds like something more hazardous than simple printed circuit boards.  Take me to the top

Keith Johnson of Xentrik Films in the UK makes videos plus a bitchen Premiere plugin called Vixen.Vixen cleans up your video. It won't turn X-rated video into PG, but will come darned close to it.  Take me to the top

So where's your link?

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