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November 26, 2001

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Review Realtime 3D and publish your review on DVCentral!  Things to test: effect quality, ease of use, how do Canopus realtime 3D FX compare with Pro-ONE and RT2500.
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Canopus Announces Realtime 3D Effects

Canopus Corp. announced the availability of realtime 3D transitions for DVRaptor-RT, DVStorm & DVRex-RT Professional.  With that, Canopus "Just Edit" Corp. has caught up with the competition.  If previously, "realtime 3D" meant "not Canopus", that's no longer the case.

In line with Canopus' customary approach, their realtime 3D DVE technology does not require proprietary hardware.  According to Canopus, this gives users customizable, high quality and stunningly clear 3D transitions that do not exhibit soft or jagged edges inherent on other systems.

The new Realtime 3D transition plugin is available in Adobe Premiere 6, Storm Edit and Rex Edit video editing software packages.

The current release of the software is a so called "public beta", with no technical support from Canopus.  A final version of the new plugin will be available shortly, check back for updates.

Availability and Upgrades

Realtime 3D will be a paid upgrade for anyone who purchased one of the above realtime cards before November 26, 2001.  Anyone purchasing the DVRaptor-RT, DVStorm & DVRex-RT Professional after that date, can receive this update free of charge.  Price?  To be announced.  When will it become available?  By mid-December.

Would you like to try this new feature?  Download the trial version now! (3.7Mb).

  1. Note: This trial version is "watermarked" and cannot be used for real work.
  2. Note: Realtime 3D software requires minimum of a P1.5 GHz CPU, DVStorm requires driver V103a or higher.
  3. Note: The beta of the 3DRT driver is not supported by Canopus, until a final release due in mid December 2001.

Main Interface View

Various Setting Views



First reviews

From:  Martin Heffels (source)
To: DV-L
Date:  Mon Nov 26, 2001  10:29 pm
Subject:  Re: Canopus goes Realtime 3D

Did a quick test
-3D effects are: Double Door, Fly Away, Page Peel, Single Door, Sphere
-No soft shadows or borders
-Has keyframes
-Quality looks good (to me)
-Works realtime on DV-out
-Beta has watermark

System: Dual Athlon 1.2MP, 256MB, WinXP-Pro, DV-Storm 1.03a
Student Film & Television Production
APA International Filmschool, Sydney, Australia

Posted by TVCameraman on Nov-26-01 12:18pm to Canopus User Forum

I'm a very happy person!

Using a Dual 800Mhz PIII, 512MB Ram, and I can use this new RT software without trouble! There is no problem doing a 3 second RT 3D effect - with one of the clips having a slowmo filter applied too, in Adobe Premiere 6.

This is brilliant stuff.


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