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Canon XL-1

"A mini DV camcorder with a professional attitude"

XL-1 "see through"

"Canon seems, on the whole, to have compromised wisely." - writes Ross Lowell in his XL-1 Impressions.

Chris Hurd's XL-1 page

Canon's XL-1 main page:
- Specifications
- Product Info

- Interchangeable Lens System
- Super Low Light
- Manual Zoom (16x Optical, 150x Digital)
- Optical Image Stabilizer


XL-1 Kit

Standard Canon XL-1 Kit Includes:

  • XL1
  • Zoom Lens 16X XL 5.5-88 mm IS
  • BP-927 Battery Pack
  • CA-900 Compact Power Adapter
  • DC-900 DC Coupler
  • SS-1000 Shoulder Strap
  • WL-D2000 Wireless Controller
  • SP-100 Shoulder Pad
  • S-150 S-video Cable
  • STV-150 Stereo Video Cable
  • DVM-E30 Digital Video Cassette
  • Lens Hood
XL-1 with optional MA-100

The optional MA-100 Microphone Adapter/Shoulder Pad (with XLR connectors) allows you to use balanced-type microphones with the XL1. This unit also lets you attach a wireless microphone receiver plus it functions as a shoulder pad for advanced handling and control.

"The XL-1 had the better image
." - writes Michael Pappas on rec.video.production newsgroup.  "I had filmed with the VX1000 for almost two years.  After that long you get a good idea what the picture looks like in your head.  When I filmed with the XL-1 it was apparent even in the viewfinder that the image was better.  But after we viewed the DV material played back on a DSR-30 to a Sony broadcast monitor it was clear the XL-1 had the better image."

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